We do more than just Web Design & Digital Solutions for Your Business

We are LEJAYS WEB DESIGN AGENCY. We design and develop modern web solutions and APPLICATIONS with a professional touch using latest technologies and trends.

Modern Web Designs & Applications

We create bespoke websites and applications all tailored to your exact requirements fully loaded with hosting, backup and support services.

Whatever you decide, our in-house team of web designers….

Branding & logo design

We’ll help you create logos and find appropriate images. We can help you to create a robust brand identity and strategy by understanding why your business exists, how you work.

Leave it to the experts

Hospitality Web Services

We plan, create and maintain professional hospitality websites that strengthen your brand, reach new customers and convert them to guests. Our designs will help tell the world your story.

we not only optimise the design but also the overall user experience

Web Site Updating & Maintenance

We always have so much to do and often not enough time in the day to get all those important tasks completed. LEJAYS service will provide you with peace of mind that your website is truly representing your company as it grows and changes, keeping it up to date with latest content, brand identity and security.

Online Store / eCommerce

From products and services to digital stuff like videos or white papers. LEJAYS team of experts will create and online store that can easily display, promote, sell and ship your goods. Break the barrier!

Amaze Your Customers with an Unforgettable Experience

Search Engine Optimisation & SSL

We optimise all website content for search engines (SEO), improving your visibility on Google and increasing your site traffic. Your website is secured by SSL and 256-bit encryption, protecting your visitors and improving your Google ranking.

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